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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Week 1 so far

Well, it's been a week since I created this blog. I'm still experiementing. I'm trying to learn to change the look, post picture etc.

As for stitching, finished 2 project this week. Lanarte 'Sistine Angels' and Vervaco dog, Amanda want it named 'Mimi'. I'm going to try to post the picture here. It was first time I stitched on Linen and I like it. The finished looks so much nicer than aida, specially if you have many fabric showing. I'm going to try to stitch in linen as much as I can now. Have to learn a lot more about it though.

I have started stitching the 'Wedding Blessing' from Pinn, it's a cute kit showing 2 oriental childen in wedding gowns. I'm using it on the 'grip-n-stitch' frame which is giving me great tension. Though I find that with the stiffer aida, it's actually a bit hard to push it into the teeth, but it's ok. Only the cap of the groom is finished so far.

I received my first Golden Kite chart this week. It's a special version when stitch on 18 count, it would come out to be the same size as the painting. Won't start on it for a while. Need to buy the floss + fabric. Maybe when we go back to Aus.

Have been looking at large stitching frame. Finally decided to get the 'millenium frame'. It's a bit expensive I know but it will be worth it as I will be doing some BAPs on it. Hopefully it will arrive by the weekend. The lady on the phone "Needle Care" came from Perth originally.

Have only done a small part of 'Mighty Samurai' and 'Horse' Kit. Will get to them when I get more time .

That's my progress so far.


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