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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Recently finished TAPs

Here they are, my 2 recently finished TAPs. The 'Hampton Court Damask Rose' needle case and the 'Dragon Fly and Pond' scissor keep. I finished both these TAP's in the last 2 weeks. The needle case was a kit we baught while visiting Hampton Court early in the Summer. I've been meaning to stitch it but just didn't get round to it until now. It took nearly a week to do. The back was empty in the middle, but I added some backsticth writing on it as a momento to the palace and added a small rose bud in the middle. Amanda did the final touches of stitching the felt in between to hold our needles. I don't like 'free' stitching.

The scissor keep was a kit we baught in the recent stitching show. This was a kit using anchor thread. It only took a couple of days to do after the needle case. I stuffed the inside using the free fringe of a baby afgan which Amanda is doing. It looks beatiful. Anchor threads are actually not bad. I think it gives better coverage on 14 count aida with 2 strands than DMC, but like Amanda said DMC is more shinny.

Now we can our stitching accesorries in better organise places .

We have also visited some LNS, I've been looking for 40 count fabric. I want to use it for my custom cupid. Unfortunately not many shops carries them. I'd like to see them before I can maybe order them on the net if cheaper. Might have to keep trying.

I also visited the National Gallery not long ago. They are having a Raphael exhibition. In there, they have borrowed the La Donna Velata, one of his masterpiece from the Italian museum. It is beautiful. I have seen many chart made of it, the Golden Kite one was the best, one of the guy did it as his WIP which was fantastic. Seeing the real picture makes me want to get that chart my self. But I've got too many charts that I want to get as well. LOL


At 11:48 PM, Blogger Caroline said...

Hi, Tim! The blog is looking great! Looks like you've got the hang of adding the photos now - nice finishes, too!


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