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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Progress and Stash Collections

Well, I've gone back to the rotation on Samurai now. I have been ignoring it for a while. It felt and looked a bit different with 18 ct aida than the 14 ct, but I get used to it quickly. After a couple of days, I'm close to finishing his gown, on the purple part now. Hopefully can start on the peacock beside him soon. I'll post a picture when I finish the gown I think. Also put in a bit of more of the metallic threads. I've purchased a thread heaven from LNS and together using the securing methods on the needle. Metalic threads are easy to handle now. I'm getting the use of it and it makes it look more sparkly. It's great with all these extra helps or tricks I picked up from my yahoo group.

My favourite Golden Kite is raising its prices on the chart from December. The American dollars had gone down against the euro apparently. So been looking and purchase more charts before the price go up by 19%. I've finally decided on the 3 patterns,
The Creation of Adam, Galatea and La Belle Dame Sans Merci (medium). The last one was Amanda's choice. We were tossing between the large or medium size but chose the medium as I would more likely to finish it. I am happy cause now I have a chart from each of the 3 great geniuses from the Renaissance period namely Da Vinci (I bought the Monalisa 2 months ago), Michaelangelo and Raphael. God knows when I will manage to stitch all this charts. LOL

I also heard that Heaven and Earth Design is having a sale. I was interested in the Flaming June chart. Amanda loves that painting. However the website is down at present, will need to check on it later.


At 12:15 AM, Blogger Caroline said...

I just got two charts from HAED, and yes, their website should be back up now. I got the French Coat of Arms, and a Sheila Wolk picture called "Dry Spot". I got the fabric for Dry Spot yesterday and will be getting the floss soon - I want to start that one sometime soon! *LOVE* that picture!


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