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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Double Good News

Well, I finished the purple part of the Samurai's gown and now onto the Peacock next to him. I was glad to start stitching with different colours for a change. The constant multiple shades of purple can be overwhelming. I still need to add the few isolated /confetti stitches plus the detail back and specialty stitch on him. I changed the little picture on my profile blog to show him. I will post a bigger picture here. I also created a new album for my WIPs. You can see them on my webalbum link on the left.

I have also been playing around with the appearance of the blog, added my favorite shop link on it as well as the blogs of my fellow stitchers so I can easy access them.

We went to the hospital for a scan, Amanda is now 8 weeks pregnant. There was a singleton fetus with heart beat. I wish I had a scanner to scan the ultrasound picture of the baby, will have to get one. This will be the 'Made In England' baby when we get home to Australia. Well we plan it that way.

Another good news, I had the phone interview last week for a consultant job. On monday morning I got the call stating I got the job. Faboulous. Double good news. It is what I'm looking for, it will be in Canberra so the weather will be colder than Sydney. But we survived 2 winters in London, Canberra weather will be warm compare to here.

Now we need to start planning our move, need to book the flight, cancel the phone, tv counsil tax etc. More importantly we need to ship our stuffs back. It will be a busy next few weeks.


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