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Vivienne was born on 18 July 2005
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Sunday, May 28, 2006

May Mayheim

Time flies, May is nearly over. This had been a hectic month. We had a holiday/conference in Adelaide. It was the first time Vivienne went on an aeroplane. We were a bit anxious how she is going to cope but she was excellent, didn't cry at all with all the pressure changes during take off and landing.

We visited a few LNS in Adelaide. My friends from XSERS, another yahoo group of Australian stitchers, gave me some addresses to visit which is fantastic. I notice many of them carries TW charts. So I have added those to my stash, the Castle sampler + her fantasy book which has 10 charts in it. Most of these charts have lots of blending and over 1 work. I have never done any of TW's work yet. They are very intricate. Looks like I have to add another project to my wip list soon. LOL

Stitching wise it's been a bit mayheim. I didn't do much stitching in Adelaide even though I brought 2 kits with me. When we got back. There were so much work to catch up, plus I was visited by the dammed frog twice on my Jap Box. Grrrr... Hope it will stay away now. The 3rd panel is nearly done now. The beginning of Mount Fuji is showing and it's exciting. We will do more of the mountain next month. Here is the link to the bigger picture

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Also on another note, I've been asked by someone who want to trade some of my GK stash. And looks like this person contacted a few other members of IntricateXS as well. My charts are in electronic formats hence can not be passed around. Of course I say no. This is an illegal activity. I hope it doesn't happen again and that person would stop asking other people.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger Mayté said...

Keep the great work Tim!! Your japanesse box looks fantastic. I wanna see it finished. Hugs


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