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Monday, June 16, 2008

It's been a good draughts

I've been good, lasting till the middle of the year. You see, I've been stopping myself from stashing this year. Ok internet shopping that is. I did get Isabella Garden in March when I was in Melbourne. The out of print Beatrix Potter quakers was re-released in pdf format. There were a few discussion about that as it was supposed to be a limited edition. The designer just released it as a different format. So I decided to get that before it's not available all together. That starts the ball rolling. I ordered Clarissa, Black and White, Jardin D'Jour and Ink circle's CDT. I also been visiting Vikky Clayton and got some of her spools too.

This weekend was also the Craft shows in Darlling Harbour, so we went and I got more stash there. The Garden Stitching chair, Sepia baby's pattern from Vervaco+ more fabrics were added to my stash. I'm also thinking about getting Chatelaine's Mermaid Box + a few others which from European XS. Yes, once I start I can't stopped. LOL

Stitching wise, there had been some progress but can uploaded photoes at this stage. Some nephew and niece came and the kids wanted to play some internet games/video. For some reason the Anti Virus was TURNED OFF. Not sure how, but it did. And now my desktop is not happy. I hope it's fixable. Grrr

I did put in the beads for MX up to part 4. Then I went back to Rosemarkie and all the green outline are done. I also pulled out A Banguet for Cheryl and of course I had to start the sepia pattern on the night which I got it. LOL I thought it would be nice for the new baby coming next month.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Chiloe said...

Glad you're back !!! I hope you will show us pictures soon ;)

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Sexy Fairy said...

YAY for the stashing!!!

Can't wait for the baby as well :-)


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