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Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Eve + Goals for 2005

Here it is, update picture of Mighty Samurai. I have actually done a bit more on it since my last post. The paecock is now finished. I've put in one of his foot, another one to go. Have also put in some of the confetti stitches. Tried put in one of the Lazy Daisy stitch but wasn't happy with its appearance, will try again. Hopefully I can finish this BAP very soon.

This is another picture of my current wip. The Tutenkhamun beads stitch kit. I found that some of the beads are not of the same size which make the project not as neat. But with some tension adjustment, it looks a bit better now from my previous picture in the web album. Nearly half way now. There is another to do, its partner, queen Nefertiti. Hopefully Amanda will be interested in her own project again and will pick it up again. I have become her project finisher.

I have forgotten to put in my stitching goals for next year. This had undergone some changes wth recent events. Here they are :

  • Finish current WIPS - Samurai, Horse, Wedding Blessing plus Tutenkhamun
  • Start and finish Harmony, this has been in the stash for too long. Baught it about 3 years ago, though haven't finish kitting it.
  • Start and finish My Custom Cupid from Gloden Kite
  • Start and join in the SAL of Flaming June from HAED
  • Start my Monalisa from Golden Kite, I'm sure I won't finish it next year
  • Maybe start The Eight Immortal after I finish one of the above new start

Hmm, it will be interesting to what happen this time next year. I'm sure starting will be easy but the finish will be a little bit harder. This is the first time I'm writing my goals down.

Happy New Year everyone.


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