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Hi, welcome to my blog. This is about on one of my favorite crafts - namely cross stitch. Currently I'm doing various project rotations including Flaming June, Custom Cupid, Snow Wolves, Harmony, Watergarden, Alpine Seasons, Japanese Garden, Cranes, Angel of the Morning, Forest Goddess, The Abduction of Psych (beading), Persian Iris Garden, Mystery X and Cosima

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mini Happy dance

This is Hans' RR. Not bad just under 2 weeks with a few days break in between as I got caught up with works, Thought it is not too big. However there is more to do. As we are now down to 3 people, I will try to do half of another part, that is the top middle box. Though I will probably take a break from this for a short while, will attend my other wips first.

I'm also a little bit excited as we will be going to a needlework or craft show next week in Sydney. I know I've been there before, but this time I'm looking for fabric for St Peterburg and Tuscany. And Amanda is also excited about the beads show that is going concurrently. Stashing time coming up.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Part 4, 5 and 6 wip

Well, I have to take the fabric off my q-snap so I decided to take a picture as well. This is half of part 4 and 5 plus a bit of part 6 in mystery X. I'm really enjoying this. And with so many blackwork with metallics. I am actually enjoying this now. Go figure... I quess we all change our like and dislike

On another note, our RR is off now. YAY...

There will only be 3 people in it now as Sean was getting a bit busy and could not participate. So it's going to be a smaller RR but hopefully the next RR will be bigger. And we had the first posting. Mine is on its way to Larry in Alaska now. And I have actually recieved Hans project which I have been working on the last 2 nights. (Yes Mystery X is on hold a present.) I'll post a picture soon.

However I got hit by the frog last night. No I didn't miscount, but it's the stitches. You see, Hans' top stitches go from bottom left right to top left and I usually go the opposite. However for his RR, I have changed my way of stitching so the whole piece will fit. I was admiring the whole border at the end, but somehow, it looks slightly odd. Then it hit me, on the last part I have gone back to my style of stitching without realizing. So the project has stitches that goes in different directions. Lucky there weren't that many, so I ripped them out and restitched it last night. I have to pay more attention next time. It's actually giving me a new experience in stitching and it's fun. Ok maybe not the frog part, but that's a lesson to be learned.

BTW if you want to see our projects, Hans had set up his website quite nicely to show them off. You can see the whole projects here