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Hi, welcome to my blog. This is about on one of my favorite crafts - namely cross stitch. Currently I'm doing various project rotations including Flaming June, Custom Cupid, Snow Wolves, Harmony, Watergarden, Alpine Seasons, Japanese Garden, Cranes, Angel of the Morning, Forest Goddess, The Abduction of Psych (beading), Persian Iris Garden, Mystery X and Cosima

Vivienne was born on 18 July 2005
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Panel 6

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Well, this is a stitching update for a change. LOL. Just done Panel 6 of JOB. I've been going through a stitching slump lately, with home renovation and being involved in other crafts as you would have seen. But I'm glad this part is done for now and I can update my blog about stitching again.

This panel had also been a bit long. The worst part was the flower. It consists of small backstitching which is not my favourite stitch, and also in metallic. Luckily there aren't that many. I'm beginning to dread as well since I have intentionally left out many of the backstitching with metalic. Oh well that's the project and I know the metalic make the project shines. At least they aren't backstitching over 1.

I think I will give this project a mini break for now and do some other projects. Hopefully I can start using my stand again next week so I will my other BAP which are on large frame at present.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bonsai !!

Well, as we now have our own house with a backyard + garden etc. Amanda wanted to grow some flowers. So we headed towards the nursery and gardens shops. In one of this nursery, there is an area for Bonsai. I have always been facinating by bonsai. Hey, I''ve watched The Karate Kid with Mr Miyagi. It's amazing looking at some of the trees that they have. One was planted in 1951, and the prize was A$8000 +.

Anyway, I started talking to the shop owner about these bonsai in general. And he informed me that he ran courses for people who are interested. So I signed up the 1 day beginner course. And yesterday I attended the course and this is my tree at the end of the course. What do you think ?

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Yes, it is actually an old tree. The owner has many starter or young trees for us to choose from, but he also some old starter trees as well. And I picked one of the more mature one of course. This was actually a bonsai before and was initially planted in 1962 hence the thick trunk. Apparently there was some problem so he had to cut the top of the tree off. He then let the newer bark grows on the side and yesterday I made it into my tree. It is a Juniper tree, I don't know what species though. Apparently it is a popular first bonsai. We started off by cleaning the tree by cutting and trimming the new parts. Then wired up the branches. Next we  freed up the roots and trimmed of some of them as well. Finally potted it and I decorated it with some mosh and gravel and I bought an on figurine to put on top of the gravels. Doesn't it look good ? I am so happy with the outcome.

I really enjoyed my experience. This morning I went through my roster and do some swapping around, so I will do the introductory course next. Which will run for 6 weeks and this time many of the technigues will be given in more details and we will also do different type of trees. At the end of the 6 weeks I will have 5  more trees of different types. That will start in October, and I can't wait.

Ok I better get back to stitching now. Oh if you are interested, here is the link to the bonsai shop

Monday, September 04, 2006

My latest crafts

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No this is not a stitched piece. We had a craft show in Canberra a few weeks ago. My wife went and attended a decopage (?spelling) course. After seeing what she was doing and Vivienne finally fell asleep. Yes, I had the babysitting duty earlier. I decided to do it as well. And this was what I did 3-4 hours later. We both had fun on that day.

What did I actually do ? Basically, I got the print which was on paper and glued it onto the canvas. Then extend the painting background to the rest of the canvas with paints. Yes, paints. That was my great weakness as while I'm good with colour and thread, but when it come to paints and brushes. I'm terrible. Nerida, the instructor had to come and help me out frequently. Notice the wings on the edge, that's my work with the brushes. You can tell it's so much different from the original painting from Louvre. LOL But I'm quite proud of my achievement and it is now hanging in our bedroom

We finally have and moved into our first own house now, with a big morgage on the bank of course. We also need a little bit of improvement, mainly downstair which is also our craft rooms. Hence most of my stitching goods are packed away so I can't use my stitching stand. I have been stitching with q-snap in hand, but my progress is slow as I can't stitch with both hands. So I made a resting stand. And here it is.

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It is made from some left over wood pieces which I joint together. Then I decopaged it with some Japanese rice paper. This time there is no painting involved, just overlap the paper to get coverage. Much easier !! After a few layers of vanirsh. It turn out a lot nicer than I think. Now I rest this little gadget on my lap while I'm in the sofa, then I rest my q-snap on top and I can stitch with both hands again. Not bad for a few days of work.