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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Check in from Canberra

Well, how time flies. It's been a month since I last posted in thic blog and so much has happened. Our flight to Singapore was great though still had to paid for excess luggage despite sending many out via courier. I visited Knotty, the LNS in Singapore a few times during our stay there. It's walking distance from our hotel. I purchased all the floss for Harmony, Cupid, Monalisa, Eight Immortals, Flaming June and Chinese Landscape. It was also just before Chinese New years so Singapore was very busy. We also caught up with a few friends.

We arrived in Sydney on New Years days and soon started to look for a new place in Canberra. We had to drive back and forward of the 2 and 1/2 hour journeys until we found a house to rent. I am picking up the key on monday and then start moving in soon after. The new job started this week, it's going well so far. It also means better access to internet. I didn't want to instal internet at the home in Sydney as we won't be there long. And I am very disappointed to know that we won't be able to get broadband internet at the new place in Canberra. Only 1/3 of Canberra can get broadband currently hopefully our suburb will get the upgrade soon. The little problem about work is there are no PC, only Mac computer. So I also have to learn the new Computer language.

Stitching wise, I gridded Flaming June and have started the SAL. I'm about 2 months behind but I'm catching up. Luckily the instalments are not very big. This is the first time I'm stitching on 22 count, and it's actually not that bad. I can see ok so maybe next project I may tried 25 ct as suggested by HAED. I have also got the 40 count fabric for Cupid and I'll start it after after we settle in our new place on my new frame.

That's right, after we arrive in Sydney we visited Amanda's sister place. Together with her husband we went to the local hardware stores and got the materials for a new standing frame. I design the stand my self combining many of the features from the stands that I've seen. This is the first time I'm doing some wood work and it's actually fun. I quess you need some one you know what to do and do it with you. It turned out to be quite big and thus I have left it at their place. It still need some 'luckering' to be done on it as this process takes time and I haven't been visiting them again. I'll post a picture when i can. I might do other woodwork project as well to help with my stitching. Amanda is laughing anfd wondering if I will leave XS and concertrate on this new hobby. I don't think I will leave xs as it is more relaxing.

Gosh this blog is getting long. One last update, Amanda had another formal scan. This time they can get a good look at the sex of the baby. It looks like it might be a girl but of course you can't be 100% sure. Amanda is happy and frankly I don't actually mind what the sex is. Boy or girl does not make any difference to me.

Anyway, better stop now. Will post again soon


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