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Hi, welcome to my blog. This is about on one of my favorite crafts - namely cross stitch. Currently I'm doing various project rotations including Flaming June, Custom Cupid, Snow Wolves, Harmony, Watergarden, Alpine Seasons, Japanese Garden, Cranes, Angel of the Morning, Forest Goddess, The Abduction of Psych (beading), Persian Iris Garden, Mystery X and Cosima

Vivienne was born on 18 July 2005
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Thursday, June 09, 2005

More Rotations and Stash

Hmm, I've noticed something interesting. I can't do html correction on the Apple at work. How weird ? Maybe I'm just not familiar with Apple as yet. I have to do those later at home. Anyway, more update. Since March I have now finished the Horse. thus getting closer to my new years goals. I don't think I will have any of my new BAP finished by the end of the year. Still have Tutenkhamun adn Wedding Blessing to go from last year. WB had become UFO for a while, but my African Stitch yahoo group is holding a monthly UFO day so I have been doing it at least once a month. Tut is nearly finished. I have to sit at the dining table to do this due to the space I need to handle the beads which is why it is slow.

I have also started another project, Twinkle Twilight. This is a new kit I got from visiting the LNS in Canberra. It's not a big piece and I hope I can finish it by the time the baby is born and add his/her name on it. I changed the aida into Jobelin which I hope will make it looks even nicer. You can see the design by Maria Van Schrrenburg below. Wouldn't it be a nice decoration on the baby's nursery ?

I also started Snow Wolves as my lap frame was a bit lonely and naked on the shelf so I put the fabric on it. I figured it's small enough so I can take it with me when we go away on short trips (Sydney). Both these were started in April. Also after a few discussion with Amanda I now pick up her baby afgan that she started a long time ago. The baby will be born soon she said and you are better than me in XS. I don't enjoy working on free hand though. I'll post some pictures when there are more to see.

Harmony was on top of my new year goal. I had some difficulty getting the fabric I want. I got a 32 count Belfast linen initially but after close look at it at home. Decided I don't like the slubs on the fabric. So I went back to the LNS and got a 32 co Jobelin. I like this much better and should start on this in the near future.

I have also been browsing on ebay and have manage to add a few more stash. I got Angel of the Morning frm L&L, the seller at the time was offering combine postage thus Angel of Freedom was also added.Talk about instant buying. I'm not sure when i will stitch these but they are in my collection now. Also I saw a cheap deal on Dimension Gold Japanese Maiden and baught that too. I thought it would look good with my Mighty Samurai. What do you think ?

So that's another Oriental female designs on my stash now. What can I say. I am Chinese by decendent. LOL. If only I don't have to work and just stay at home and stitch all these stash.


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new stash Tim , it is always the case with ebay, u just browse it and end up buying some pattern you never thought of buying.. but then whose complaining :) .
Francois has that oriental female in his rotation.. (I hope you don't mind my commenting on your post, I am Kavita from India on bapxs.. )

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Terri said...

Yahhh you updated it. I'm so happy for you lol.. The Oriental Female will definitely look fabulous with your Samuri gentlemen


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