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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Stitching Update

Okay, now I'm going to catch up what I've been stitching the last few months. As you know started the Flaming June SAL but by the time I caught up, I think people were losing interest. I was the only one doing the instalment. In May Michelle from HAED stopped giving instalment. So I continue stiching and was manage to do more than. I'm about 2/3 of the page finished now. I haven't touched it for a couple of weeks now, will need to get back to it soon.

My stitching stand finished and I'm love it. Also recently I came across a DVD cabinet on sale. I got an idea looking at it. I'm converting it into a floss storage cabinet. It took a while for me to finish it as there was some missing part and the hooks took longer to be install. Unfortunately I can't fit in 465 hook for each DMC floss so I have to double up on them. I have also instal a light in it so I can see the floss better. You can see them here together

My GK project has taken me back a bit. It is very slow as there were a lot of blends and confetti stitches. I keep thinking back what I should have said when Marcus asked me how many colours I want in my custom chart. I should have said as little as possible rather than the other way around. LOL. But it's looking beautiful. Stitching on 40 ct is also different. It is a lot tighter to pull the needle through eventhough I'm using the smallest needle. So far I've mange to put in about 1000 stitches. I need to take breaks frequently when I'm doing this one as I get sick of starting a new colour. LOL


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