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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Frogs !!!!!

Okay, Natalie is more than 1 month old now. As per Chinese tradition, we are having a celebration with all the family this weekend. So we are in Sydney. As per usual, this time I decided to take a small project with me to stitch away from home. I decided on Cheryl's banquet.

So I was stitching away last night after the girls gone to sleep. Only to notice that I'm 1 stitch off. Grrrrrrr. Trace back the mistake and it was back a long while ago. Mind you, I don't work on this very often. Now I need to frog out about 20% of what I have done !! Man oh man, what didn't I notice this earlier. And of course neing a symetric pattern, I can't cheat out of it either. Needless to say, I didn't do any more stitching after.

On another note, we were at the annual Craft fair last weekend in Canberra. There was a stand there where the lady was doing some fabric weaving. It looks very intersting so I baught some of the tools. I've been trying this last 2 nights, and I have finished a small block. It will be a placemat for our teapot. Amanda's sewing machine is at service this week. So I can't do the finishing yet. Of course I had to learn using the sewing machine as well. I have will post a picture when I get back home.

Finally, Novia had finished her Orange Tree. You can see it
here. It's beautiful. So I guess I need to go and pull out my Abduction of Psych. As you know, Novia and I were trialing these beadpoint projects from Golden Kite. I beter get a whip for mine.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim--I am working on the very same piece and found a mistake too. It was back a ways also, so on our last LNS Stitch into the Night, I frogged it! Can't really get any 'quality' stitching done in a room full of stitchers anyway. Let's hope we have better success on this piece next try!

Maggee in Virginia Beach, VA


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