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Vivienne was born on 18 July 2005
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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tiny Happy Dance

Well, I've bored with my current projects and thought I need a finish to cheers me up. I quess that's the problem with BAP's, they are lovely and joyful to stitch but they take forever to finish. So the solution, got out the free kit I got from a magazine recently and stitch it. It's only a tiny piece and I knew I can finish it quickly. And here it is after 3 evenings of stitching. It gave me a sensation of actually finishing something.

It's Tom mouse from the Country Companion character. There is a bigger chart in the Quick & Easy magazine which I might stitch one of these days.

I've made some more progres on Vivienne's TT. The colours are great with so many metallic treads on them. I have lost my thread heaven though !!! I don't know where it went thus the metallics are a bit harder to do without it. Unfortunately the LNS don't sell Thread Heaven. Maybe at the Stitching show next week in Sydney.

I went to the Quilt & Crafts show this week in Canberra. I attended the DIY framing workshop. Framing has cost me a lot of fortune lately. So after seeing the demo I've decided to get the kit and will start framing my own piece. I got the complete mat cutter system and joining system as well. I didn't purchased the saw as I think it will be safer to get frame mold cut by professionals which are cheap anyway. Next week I will start doing some framing. I also acquired 2 kits from the show as well. They are Oriental Butterfly and Classic Kimono from Dimensions. They are not too big to do so hopefully I can finish them quickly when I do them. I thought the Butterfly would be a good present for mum as I haven't given her any XS pieces.

Before I go, I have to talk about my precious Vivienne. She had been a good girl, smiling a lot now. She sleeps for long period at nights which is great. Few people in my XS groups mentioned about reading to children and I have baught a few books and started reading to her as well. She seems to enjoy this though usually fell asleep not long after. I'm going to get some books in Chinese next time we are in Sydney as we want her to be multilingual. Now is that asking too much for a 3 week and 5 days old baby ? LOL


At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Novia said...

LOL Tim, please advice me after you experiment with Vivienne. My husband is Dutch, I am Chinese Indonesian who also speak Teo Chew dialect.



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